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Work Experience E-Guide

 Work Experience E-Guide
Fair Train and AELP have launched a new guide that has been commissioned and funded by the Department of Education.

Whether you are an employer or learning provider, this guide is designed to help you get the best out of your work experience programme. It will help deliver high quality work experience.

There has been a quiet revolution in preparing 16-19 year olds for the labour market, overhauling not only qualifications but also the ethos that sits behind them, with a much greater emphasis on providing young people with high quality work experience. But these changes have also presented challenges to providers.

This guide offers a practical overview of what learning providers and employers need to consider if they want to make the most of their work experience programme. The checklist  contained in the guide breaks these areas into themes so they can apply equally to employers and providers, while also enabling their programmes to be tailored to a very individualised level.

The guide runs alongside the national Work Experience Quality Standard accreditation - created as a framework to support employers and training providers offer first class work experience for young people. The framework covers the chief features of a successful work experience programme – from setting up and implementation to evaluation and the organisational infrastructure required.

Organisations are independently accredited by Fair Train at Bronze, Silver or Gold level, enabling employers and training providers alike to demonstrate they are offering top notch  programmes, and making a valuable contribution to their local community.

Download the work experience e-guide here.

Download the work experience e-guide screen reader version here (for visually impaired users).