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Our senior management team

Our senior management team works together to lead and manage the charity, to ensure it achieves its objectives.

Beth Gardner, CEO


Beth is responsible for the strategic management and development of Fair Train, in order to support organisations within the voluntary and community sector with workforce development. Beth is passionate about the impact which work based learning can have on individuals and organisations, both in their local context and within the wider economy.  This is evident from her career in organisations that all have a strong focus in developing and inspiring people in both paid and volunteer roles. An ecologist by trade, Beth has been a CEO within the voluntary and community sector for over six years, and joined Fair Train in August 2014.  Alongside her career experience, Beth has an MBA specialising in strategy, and creativity and innovation; and a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) postgraduate marketing qualification.  

Best work experience memory:
“Vaulting over the wall of a pig sty followed in hot pursuit by a very angry sow, and surprising myself how high I could jump under pressure. The key learning point? Pigs can run very fast!”

Ian Jelley, Head of Operations

Ian oversees the day to day aspects of the charity’s work, ensuring that Fair Train delivers the operational elements of its strategic plan efficiently and effectively. Ian also manages the engagement team. He has extensive experience in the voluntary and community sector, having worked his way up from a volunteer to his current role in a career spanning over a decade. Ian’s skills lie in partnership working and facilitation which fit in well with Fair Train’s aims of representing the employer voice, and championing workforce development within the sector. Ian joined Fair Train in April 2015 having gained management experience within the health and wildlife sectors.

Best work experience memory:
“At a vets, where I helped put a splint on a budgie's wing and held down a German Shepherd whilst the vet cut his toenails! I got a real insight into what vets do, as my knowledge up until that point was based largely around James Herriot.”

Jessica Rexworthy, Marketing and Membership Manager

Jess is responsible for brand, communications, marketing and campaign activity at Fair Train. She has an excellent way with words and her finger on the pulse within the education and training sector. Jess has worked in communications for over five years within the education and training sector, and also holds a MA in Journalism. Her aptitude for marketing and communications has been recognised; she was approached to write on behalf of Careers England alongside her current role and she continues to be a well-respected voice within the sector.  Jess leads on co-ordinating Work Experience Week - a national campaign which takes place annually to celebrate best practice and raise the profile of work experience.

Best work experience memory:
“Difficult to choose between being sent for a ‘long wait’, memorising the codes of every single piece of fruit and veg or benefitting hugely from my honorary work experience Topshop discount!”