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Trailblazer update - voluntary sector apprenticeships

Fair Train is continuing to drive forward the development of the new apprenticeship standards for the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS). As the Group Training Association for the sector, we have already co-ordinated an initial meeting of VCS employers to take the first step in developing the new standards. The meeting was attended by a range of employers from large national charities such as Cancer Research, NSPCC and Guide Dogs, through to housing associations, smaller regional charities and training providers, which highlights the breadth of employers within the VCS.

Moving forward, Fair Train is liaising with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the trailblazer group to coordinate a series of meetings for the rest of the year. The group will help to identify the key knowledge, skills and behaviours required for roles within the VCS, and form the structure of the new apprenticeship standards.

If you represent a VCS organisation and would like to be involved, it's not too late. Fair Train is keen to work with a range of employers to ensure that the process is completely transparent and that the end result is the creation of apprenticeship standards created for the sector by the sector. For more information on the trailblazer process contact us at


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