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About Us

Work Experience Matters

We are Fair Train. A charity, an employer and a business. We are the owner of the national Work Experience Quality Standard accreditation, Group Training Association for the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) and supporter of employers, learning providers and young people across the UK. 

Our vision is for every VCS organisation to have a highly trained workforce fit for the future.

Our mission is to ensure VCS employers are able to access high quality workforce development that enhances their sustainability and strengthens civil society.

We believe fiercely in the benefits of work experience, not only for those young people who want to kick start their career, but also for employers looking to recruit the best talent and see the best results.

Through our recognised Work Experience Quality Standard we have improved work experience for organisations and young people across the UK.

We believe work experience deserves to be celebrated. That's why we organise Work Experience Week, which takes place during October each year. Work Experience Week is an opportunity to raise the profile and celebrate the benefits of high quality Work Experience and encourage young people, employers and providers to share their experiences and opportunities through social media and local and national events.

We're part funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills and supported by organisations across the UK.